We have earned our client’s confidence with our professional approach.

At Hydro Vision we approach every job adopting the highest quality standards. 

For us its about understanding the client’s needs and using the best people and tools to ge the job done right, on time and on budget. 


We deliver value at every project stage.

sports turf irrigation


Hydro Vision has decades of experience, with countless successful installations across a wide range of sporting facilities.

Our sports turf experience ranges from large stadiums to educational sports complexes and local sports fields and facilities. Whether it be football fields or cricket ovals, bowls clubs or tennis courts, race tracks or hockey pitches, Hydro Vision’s expert team has done it all before.


At Hydro Vision we are market leaders when it comes to delivering world-class, sustainable irrigation and water management solutions to golf clubs.

Our core expertise is in designing, constructing and maintaining irrigation systems that deliver tangible benefits to the both golf club and the end user. Our aim is to help provide you with an irrigation solultion that allows you to present your course in the best possible condition whilst minimising ongoing water and energy costs. 

golf course irrigation
agriculture irrigation system


Hydro Vision provides a wide range of irrigation solutions to help growers to improve productivity and achieve water and energy efficiency. 

Whether you are looking to invest in a new irrigation system, establish a maintenance plan, upgrade your existing system or have your water meters audited, our team can help you through every step. 


We provide advice, irrigation design, and selection and installation of sprinklers to help plant nurseries maximise water efficiency and minimise cost.

Producing high-quality plants requires consistent uniformity and reliability from your irrigation system. Our trusted network of pump and sprinkler suppliers enables us to source the most appropriate, high quality supplies and parts at the best possible prices. 

nurseries irrigation
landscape irrigation


We work with builders, landscapers or direct with the end user to achieve efficient and effective irrigation systems that will ensure the green environment will continue to thrive, both now and in the future.

The Hydro Vision team has significant experience with a wide range of commercial projects for aged care facilities, multi-storey residential developments, retail and warehouse sites and even airports. We can tailor a solution to suite the clients need and their budget.


We partner with Councils, builders and landscape architects who share Hydro Vision’s passion for delivering quality, sustainable and efficient project outcomes for public open space projects. 

These projects have included the design and installation of streetscapes, water parks, parklands and other green assets that enhance the community’s aesthetic quality and encourage healthier and more active lifestyles. 

south bank parklands irrigation
irrigation and water systems schools


Hydro Vision provide irrigation consultation, design, installation and maintenance services to schools and universities.

We assist educational institutions providing high quality, safe and sustainable sports services that not only enhance the sporting experience, but save money through water and energy efficience.

Hydro Vision assist with quality system design, stormwater harvesting, rainwater tanks, energy efficient pumps and sprinklers and the use of modern technology to conserve water.


Hydro Vision has worked with Stadiums QLD on various high-profile stadium projects delivering design, installation and maintenance services.

Our sports turf irrigation projects include of Australia’s best-known sports facilities such as The Gabba, Metricon Stadium, The QLD Tennis Centre and Suncorp Stadium.

residential irrigation


From custom designed home garden irrigation systems to high rise multi-residential buildings we have the expertise to ensure that gardens remain hydrated and beautiful all year round.

At Hydro Vision, we design garden irrigation systems to suit the climatic conditions and offer owners or operators an efficient and low maintenance system. Our network of suppliers enables us source the best pumps, tanks and sprinklers to best suit your irrigation design.


Aged Care irrigation

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At Hydro Vision we are always here to talk, get in touch using the contact form or give us a call.

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